GDPR & CCPA compliance solutions | Preclusio


Automated Data Classification and Inventory


Know Where Your Customer Data Lives

Scan every data store, on premises or in the cloud, to discover PII or other sensitive data in places where your documentation falls short.


Privacy by Design

GDPR requires you take technical measures to protect your customers. A complete data inventory helps facilitate data protection by design and by default.

Your Customers’ Data Stays in Your Hands

Our solution is deployed in your environment and security remains in your control. Never unnecessarily increase risk by sharing sensitive data with yet another vendor.

Action through Automation

Let our software take care of your data inventory so you can spend less time tracking down information to satisfy your customers’ data subject access requests.


Easy to Update

As your business changes and new data is collected, it’s painless to add that new information to your date inventory to stay compliant with the GDPR and CCPA.